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Prayer Update February 2023 (+ upcoming event)

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Whilst prayer is a way to connect with God in our personal lives, as Christians we are called to pray for God's people and His mission on earth (Ephesians 6:18).

With that in mind, this new year brings four key areas of opportunity to support Mustard through prayer:

(1) New Hearts Turning to Jesus

Hillcrest Christian College just invited Mustard back to run another Chapel Service. This time on "Measuring Up". We played a TikTok game, led singing, shared a message and Josiah gave his testimony about being a full time Youtuber who was living the dream, but was left feeling empty and found Jesus when some friends invited him to church. The students appeared to be enthusiastic and really engage with the topic. Praise God for this, and pray that students' hearts will turn to Jesus.

(2) New Student Movement Director

Faith Battistella has just started as our new Mustard Student Movement Director. She has been a Youth Minister for the past 11 years in both Ballarat and Wallan. She's on the Generations team for Churches of Christ VIC/TAS, has been a Red Frogs leader, and has been a key speaker with the RAMS Resilience Program in state schools.

Please pray for Faith as she empowers and equips our Student Leaders. Pray that God will open doors for her to work with the connections she has in the north and west of Victoria, to launch new Lunchtime Groups there.

We invite you to meet Faith in person at our Mustard Prayer Night on this Monday 27th February at Lara's home (details below).

(3) New Student Leaders Empowered

We thank God for guiding us as we help establish Lunchtime Groups, spaces where students can openly discuss Jesus and other topics regarding faith, and develop personal journeys of faith with their Heavenly Father.

Prayers are needed for new Student Leaders (taking over existing or starting new) Lunchtime Groups, to:

  • work out how to balance their busy lives whilst prioritising time for God

  • promote and attract Christians and other students exploring faith, to join their Lunchtime Group

  • utilise our Mustard mentoring, resources and events, to develop their leadership

(4) Prayer Night

Our greatest strength as a community is in the collective power of prayer (Matthew 18:20).

We've organised a Prayer Night to gather to pray for these points and many more. The details are as follows:

When: 7:45 - 9:00PM, on Monday 27 February

Where: Camberwell (the home of our CEO, Lara - please RSVP for address)


Hope to see you there!

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